LANDvr is a iPhone app that can record over your home WIFI to a server you host. Most of us have a media server or a computer that is on 24/7 these days anyway so why not. In the lite version video is uploaded every 5 minutes on Pro you can set the time frame and even have HD recording resolution.

Setup is usually less that 5 minutes, this is great if you want to use your iPhone as a security camera at night time to watch a certain area or if you have a old iPhone that can run 24/7. Records audio also!

Both Lite and Pro versions are available now!

Download Lite Here
Download PRO Here

So for now all that is is needed is to follow these steps to get the app up and running.

1. Download Python 2.7 and install it.
2. Download the Python server file by clicking on the link sent to your email or the link on the download page.

3.Double click the python file to start the server I box will appear and say “server started on 8000″.
4. Fire up the app and input the IP or DNS name of the server, Video will upload every 5 minutes in the lite version or in a time frame of your choosing in the pro version.

* Please see notes/bugs page for more info.

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